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I will be working the convention circuit in 2015, so watch out for my guest                                    spots around the country! News and dates will follow soon, so be sure to                                   check here, Facebook, and Instagram for my tour dates!

I was recently on Ink Master Rivals: Season 5 on Spike TV! published an exclusive interview with me regarding my time on                                                             Ink Masters Rivals which can be viewed here:                                                      navarro-cleen-rock-one-and-thankfulness/


I have been published in Ink Junkeyz, Issue #4, so watch out for its release!


The San Diego Reader has a section called "Tattoo You" where tattooed                                                                individuals submit a photo of their tattoo to win cash...mine was the winner!                                                                  It was published on October 8, 2014 and the digital edition can be found                                                                       here on page 92: